On behalf of the Officers and Illustrious Companions of the Prince Hall Grand Council of Royal & Select Masters of Texas & Jurisdiction, we would like to welcome you to our web page.

As you take the time to navigate through our website, we pray that you will find it informative and enlightening. We hope that something found here will encourage you to continue your masonic journey by becoming a member of this important part of Freemasonry.

Cryptic Masonry is the second part of the York Rite system of Masonic degrees, and the last found within the Rite that deals specifically with the Hiramic Legend.

These degrees are the gateway to Temple restoration rituals or the Second Temple Legend. Ancient Cryptic Masonry centers around the story of the preservation, loss and recovery of the Word. The Word represents man’s search for life’s purpose and the nature of God.

Symbolic Freemasonry, as in the Lodge, teaches of the loss of the Word and hope for its recovery. Royal Arch Masonry, as in the Chapter, teaches its recovery.

Cryptic Masonry, as in the Council, completes this story by the teaching of the Word’s initial preservation.


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